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  • Connecting speaker signals to line level inputs

    Sometimes it is necessary to connect a device which has only speaker outputs to external amplifier’s line level inputs. Because speaker levels are much higher than line level signals, the direct connection does not usually give satisfactory results. That’s the reason why I developed this signal level attenuator for connecting speaker signals to line level […]

  • Line level signal to microphone input adapter

    Sometimes there is need to convert line level signals to such signal that it can be connected to microphone input. Because the line level signals are typically in range of 0.5..2V and the microphone signals are in millivolt range, quite much attenuation is needed to match the signal levels. This means that typically you will […]

  • Powering microphones

    Copyright Tomi Engdahl 1997-2010 This document is a collection of information and circuits for powering electret microphone capsules. This document is written for people who understand the basics of microhone circuits. VN:F [1.6.9_936]please wait…Rating: 4.8/10 (232 votes cast)VN:F [1.6.9_936]Rating: -1 (from 61 votes)

  • Dynamic microphone to electret microphone input

    Design and copyright Tomi Engdahl 1999 Summary of circuit features: Circuit which works as an preamplifier which allows you to replace an electret microphone with a dynamic microphone. Circuit protection: No special protection circuits used Circuit complexity: Very simple one transistor circuit Circuit performance: Worked well, although distortion and noise performance is not very good […]

  • Making LP – LowPass – filter of the low frequencies – for our subwoofer.

    In our subwoofer is used the low-frequency dynamic loudspeaker, which can reproduce only specific part of the spectrum of signal – its low-frequency part – for that it and it is necessary. Therefore, if we will feed to it entire spectrum of signal by pillar, it will spit and grunt, therefore as unable all this […]

  • Subwoofer on Visaton GF200 – a part the first. We make a box.

    Well I do not know, I do not know that people find in all these booms and bams which take off from the boxes named subwoofers. However, I all the same have given in to a herd instinct, have caught this hysteria and have decided to hammer together to myself a subwoofer. VN:F [1.6.9_936]please wait…Rating: […]