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Wash of fuzz for the electro-guitar.

On the winter vacations it decided to make fuzz. I found diagram in the net, but there mistakes were… And I decided to devise my fuzz.
Operating principle:
1. signal repeatedly is strengthened
2. I is cut by the diodes

Version with the diodes was first assembled, but it became then understandable that them and it is not must. T to KT315B themselves cut signal.
This is what it came out:


This miracle from 4.5 volts feeds.
First 2 cascades – 2 typical preamplifiers, 3rd stage- half of amplifier. So that this circuit strongly would not be started, I placed the capacitor Of [s]7. Regulator Of r12 – Gain, although this not entirely thus. With the maximum of resistance, it is more than mud, and electro-guitar with the presentation to the columns a little is started.
A good effect is obtained if we sound pass through this Fuzz, and then still and through Distortion on kombo-amp. This is MEAT!!!

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