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    This circuit uses a switched capacitor filter IC from National Semiconductor to filter signals with frequencies higher than the 3KHz needed for voice audio. The schematic includes an audio amplifier that is designed to drive a standard audio head phone. The circuit is described in more detail in the receiver section of Dave Johnson’s Handbook […]

  • Current protection of amplifier.

    Aspect 1. Little of theory. Prologue. The usual protection circuits of amplifiers work on exceeding of output voltage. The threshold of the wear and tear of protection can be advanced either on the peak load or on the nominal, but with the long exposure (2… 5 seconds). In the essence, the protection on the stress […]

  • Making LP – LowPass – filter of the low frequencies – for our subwoofer.

    In our subwoofer is used the low-frequency dynamic loudspeaker, which can reproduce only specific part of the spectrum of signal – its low-frequency part – for that it and it is necessary. Therefore, if we will feed to it entire spectrum of signal by pillar, it will spit and grunt, therefore as unable all this […]

  • Subwoofer on Visaton GF200 – a part the first. We make a box.

    Well I do not know, I do not know that people find in all these booms and bams which take off from the boxes named subwoofers. However, I all the same have given in to a herd instinct, have caught this hysteria and have decided to hammer together to myself a subwoofer. VN:F [1.6.9_936]please wait…Rating: […]

  • 3 Band graphic equaliser

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  • Simple Surround Sound Decoder

    Introduction This surround-sound decoder is based on the “Hafler” principle, first discovered by David Hafler sometime in the early 1970s. The original idea was to connect a pair of speakers as shown in Figure 1, for use as the rear speakers in the surround setup. VN:F [1.6.9_936]please wait…Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)VN:F [1.6.9_936]Rating: +1 (from […]

  • Expandable Graphic Equaliser

    Introduction The project described in this article is a constant Q, fully expandable graphic equaliser.  Where most “conventional” graphic EQ circuits have a Q that is dependent on the setting of the pot, this one maintains the same Q at all settings.  This is achieved by using MFB (Multiple Feedback Bandpass) filters, instead of the […]

  • Reverse RIAA Equaliser

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  • Surround Effect

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  • Tone Control Circuit

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