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5.8 W Audio Power Amplifier

This circuit use TA7222AP to speaker audio. The price of only $ 0.99 and 5.8 watts, can supply with muting Control.<cut>Power provide for the use of 8-12Vdc, it is a good idea for car audio power amplifiers, coin-op machine game, safety Use system, etc.

Fig 1. TA7222AP pin out
Pin Name Description
1 Vcc Supply Voltage
2 RR Ripple Reject
3 MC Muting control
4 OP AF Signal Input
5 FB FB Filter
6 GA Gain adjust
7 GND Ground
8 GND Ground
9 OP AF Output
10 BS BootStrap

Fig 2. schematic for 5.8 watt audio power amplifier
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